Tyrant Designs Magwell — Glock 43X/48 Edition

Give your Glock 43X or Glock 48 a bigger appetite and a bigger mouth to squeeze in mags faster and faster with the Tyrant Designs Magwell.

Top Sights for Your Glock

Want to upgrade your Glock sights? Here are a few of our favorite sights and how they can enhance your Glock gun game.

Top Glock Magazine Base Plates and More

Swap out factory base plates for greater capacity, better grip, and impact resistance with our top picks for aftermarket Glock magazine base plates.

What’s the Difference Between Glock 17, Glock 19, & Glock 26

Glock is known for making versatile pistols, but telling them apart can be difficult. They all look the same? We'll break down the G17, G19, and G26--three of the 9mm double-stacks.

Top 4 Budget Minded .380s and One that Isn’t

The .380 can be both compact and easy to control, which makes it popular for concealed carry. Here are our top 5 finds from SHOT Show 2019.

The Micro Roni Gen 4 – From Glock to PDW

Micro Roni stabilizing brace models are more popular than models requiring you to register your weapon as an SBR. We got our hands on one to review. 

GunMag Gun News 5×5 Friday — September 2020

The 2020 Gun Rights Policy Conference had record-breaking attendance last weekend, held virtually for the first time ever. American Tactical has a new 1911 style pistol, Inforce launched a new pistol light, and Ulfhednar has a new range back you'll want to check out. ASP and TacMed both just announced tactical response systems, one for crowd control/riots and the other for responding to active threats.

GunMag Gun News 5×5 Friday — August 2020

Gun News! There are 5 million first-time gun owners in the US so far in 2020! Giessele donates PPE to SHOT Show 2021, Glock adds to Slimline family. Nighthawk Custom/Korth have another new revolver with Pic rails (and more). Beretta fancies up the 680 platform, LSI announces a new POINTER model, and Luth-AR announces a new wide-bodied handguard. Check it out!

Let Freedom Ring (Quietly) | American Suppressor Association’s Omega 36M Raffle

In our big stentorian voice, we present to you a chance to enter and win an Omega 36M with the American Suppressor Association (ASA), along with a lot of other cool prizes. In total, 15 different prize packs are being given out, and you could be the recipient! Not only are you taking a chance […]

How To Pick the Best Defensive Handgun

The best defensive handgun is designed to help you excel in a surprising, chaotic, close-distance, violent confrontation. Here's what to look for.

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