Garand Thumb — Frozen Rifle Test

For many, the snow is coming down and it begs the question, can our gear handle the worst of conditions? Here's what Garand Thumb found out with his frozen rifle test.

Steyr AUG, the Austrian Wonder ‘Pup

Is it Christmas without Die Hard? Nah. Remember when Karl takes the Steyr AUG out of the bag and locks the barrel in place? Let's take a closer look.

Sig MCX Rattler / M13 Suppressed

If your .300BLK is just a little too big and loud, Sig has another option— the Sig MCX Rattler, aka the M13 in the gamer world.

Sig MPX-K (9mm, MP5 Killer)

Is the Sig MPX K a slightly better 9mm caliber carbine than the MP5? Watch Garand Thumb's review to find out what he has to say about it.

A Scorpion with a More Potent Sting

The CZ Scorpion is one of CZ's most successful PCC's. See how Garand Thumb upped the potency with a few accessories for a bit more sting.

Best Value 9mm PCC? Grand Power Stribog

Looking for the best value 9mm PCC? Check out what Garand Thumb says about the Stribog: about a third of the price of a B&T APC9, but not a cheap knockoff.

Kriss Vector SDP-SB: a Garand Thumb “tip to butt” exposition

The Kriss Vector really shines when used as a select fire subgun - and even better when it's suppressed. It makes for an interesting pistol too, however. Ask Garand Thumb how he knows.

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