Sig MPX-K (9mm, MP5 Killer)

Is the Sig MPX K a slightly better 9mm caliber carbine than the MP5? Watch Garand Thumb's review to find out what he has to say about it.

A Scorpion with a More Potent Sting

The CZ Scorpion is one of CZ's most successful PCC's. See how Garand Thumb upped the potency with a few accessories for a bit more sting.

Best Value 9mm PCC? Grand Power Stribog

Looking for the best value 9mm PCC? Check out what Garand Thumb says about the Stribog: about a third of the price of a B&T APC9, but not a cheap knockoff.

Kriss Vector SDP-SB: a Garand Thumb “tip to butt” exposition

The Kriss Vector really shines when used as a select fire subgun - and even better when it's suppressed. It makes for an interesting pistol too, however. Ask Garand Thumb how he knows.

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