5 Reasons the Galil ACE is a Better AK than an AK

The Kalashnikov may well be the most well-known rifle in the world. The genius of its design is part of its legendary status. Yet there's a rifle out there that took the best parts of the AK and made something even more magnificent: the Galil ACE.

Galil ACE Evolves with RS Regulate

<p>What happens when one of the best AK optics rail-makers decides to enter the Galil market?</p>

IWI US Announces Galil ACE Pistol with Folding Arm Brace

<p>IWI US announced it was now shipping a Gailil ACE pistol with a folding pistol brace. Is this the perfect truck gun?</p>

How to modify Tapco Intrafuse mags for the IWI ACE

<p>The IWI ACE is an awesome little carbine, with dozens of great features - but it does have a dark side... sort of. It doesn't like to run with magazines that are too wide - like the Tapco Intrafuse AK magazine. Thankfully, you can modifiy these magazines in just 10 minutes, to run in your Galil ACE 52.</p>

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