Franklin Armory Reveals Secrets Behind The Reformation

No matter what you think about the Reformation, one thing is certain: any product that shines a light on the insanity and pointlessness of the NFA is a good thing.

Are We Losing the Rule of Law?

Jay Jacobson of Franklin Armory recently penned an op-ed about recent, current, and troubling potential future events: are we losing the rule of law?

California Compliant Franklin Armory’s DFM

Looking for an AR fixed magazine conversion option? Take a look at Franklin Armory's DFM magazine. It's California compliant (or was when this was written). It's always good to see what sort of tomfuc&3ry the legislators have been up to later before spending your money.

Franklin Armory releases new binary trigger for 10/22 platforms

The BFSIII 22 C1 Binary Trigger is a binary trigger for the Ruger 10/22 from Franklin Armory. Lookin' to shoot a binary trigger more cheaply? Take a look.

Binary Trigger – Reviewing the Best Way To Legally Simulate Full Auto

"Binary trigger" - what is it, how is it, do you want it? Read on and we'll answer all your questions in this Franklin Armory binary trigger review.

Review: Binary Trigger For HK Rollerlocks!

<p>Franklin Armory has made a binary trigger for H&K style roller lock firearms. Now your MP5 can be triggered both ways!</p>

Franklin Armory Launches Short Barrel “Firearm” With AR Stock and ATF Approval

<p>The run up to SHOT Show 2018 just got a heck-of-a-lot more interesting. Sure, there were some odd guns getting a bit of buzz, but nothing like the rampant speculation that has followed in the wake of a humble press release from Franklin Armory. So what's all the hype about? It looks like Franklin has found a loophole. They're calling their new gun The Reformation.</p>

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