Federal Ammunition Army Contract: $114 Million in Ammo

Federal Ammunition is the winner of a U.S. Army contract for 5.56mm Semi-Jacketed Frandgible ammunition worth $114 million.

Ammo Test—Federal Micro HST .380 ACP

Federal Micro HST 380 ACP 99-grain hollow-point performance in expansion and tumbling performance in ballistic gel test—check this out!

New: Federal Adds Magnum Loads to Personal Defense Line

Expanding one of their most popular lines of personal defense ammunition, Federal has added 327 Federal Magnum and 357 Magnum.

New: Federal Ammunition 44 S&W Special Punch Personal Defense

By expanding the Federal Punch line to include 44 S&W Special, the company will be catering to a broader range of revolver shooters.

Federal Ammunition Expands HammerDown Line

The line of Federal HammerDown ammunition is growing, as the company just announced three new loads. So what are the new loads? Find out here.

Putting Three Great 9mm Self-Defense Rounds to the Test

Finding the right ammunition for everyday carry can require a lot of testing. Fortunately for you, we do a lot of testing. Here are some of the stand-out 9mm rounds and the data to back up some impressive gel tests.

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