Ammo Test — Federal Punch .380 ACP

.380 ACP ammunition selection is important. Some loads penetrate, some expand, rarely both. Let's see how Federal Punch 85 grain load does!

Federal’s Personal Defense Force X2 Shorty 00 Buckshot

Interested in getting a larger number of shotshells into your 12-gauge shotgun? Take a closer look at Federal's Force X2 Shorty shotshells.

Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells: More Pellets Per Round Than Steel

Federal HEVI-Bismuth shotshells offer the performance of lead in a non-lead option that outperforms steel.

Federal Premium Ammunition at 100 — A Century and Going Strong

Today marks 100 years for Federal Premium Ammunition. Here's the story behind the company and new developments as it moves toward the future.

Federal HST in 30 Super Carry

If you intend to use the new cartridge for self-defense purposes, Federal has ammo for that: Federal Premium HST in 30 Super Carry.

Federal Punch 22LR Personal Defense — Yes, 22LR Self Defense Ammo

Federal's new 22LR self defense ammo is a first for this cartridge, further engineered for higher velocity and greater penetration.

Federal Premium Introduces New Syntech Action Pistol

<p>For current USPSA shooters, the days of reloading could be over with the introduction of Federal Premium’s new line of Syntech ammunition, specifically targeted to action shooters. Syntech Action Pistol Ammunition is designed for high volume shooters to get the most out of both practice time and match performance.</p>

Good bye 6.5 Grendel; Hello .224 Valkyrie

<p>World's first supersonic 1,300 Yard AR-15 cartridge.</p>

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