Jerry Miculek: Drawing Your Appendix Carry EDC

Jerry Miculek addresses the importance of dry practice with your appendix carry EDC, and offers some tips on how to do it correctly.

Keen Insights: The Fox Folding Karambit

Looking for a capable self-defense knife to add to your EDC toolkit? Check out the Fox Folding Karambit. This is a fast knife.

The Mossberg MC1sc—A Worthy Single Stack?

Looking for a thin 9mm? The Mossberg MC1sc is a functional EDC gun with a few choice upgrades that make it stand out in the crowded market.

The Taurus 856: The Appeal of the Wheel

Looking for an alternative to the semitauto? The traditional wheel gun is a good option. Check out the Taurus 856.

Start With a Stable Foundation: Black Beard Belts’ Warfighter Gun Belt

Many of us will obsess about our holster choices. The holster, though, is only as good as the belt beneath it. Black Beard Belts have a new system that takes stability and reliability to new levels.

Full-Sized 9mm at a Compact Price: Ruger’s Security 9 SHOT Show 2018

<p>The Ruger Security 9 is a new gun for 2018 geared toward those who want a hull-sized 9mm, but don’t want to pay a full-sized price. This is a polymer-framed workhorse with clean lines and very few extras, but it won’t sacrifice performance.</p>

SIG Perfects Everyday Carry: P365 First Shots Video

<p>You can add one more pistol to the growing list of micro-compact single-stacks. Well, almost single stacks. The SIG 365 has the width of a single stack, but the magazine design allows for a 10+1 EDC pistol that has a distinct edge on the competition. That’s 10+1, even in the flush-fit mag.</p>

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