Deadly Force And The Law: When Can You Use It?

When can you lawfully use Deadly Force (or any force) in your state? If you carry a firearm or any weapon for defense, you need to know!

Interpersonal Violence: Your Response Time Matters

Interpersonal violence is always possible and your response time matters. Avoid what you can. Mitigate or -as a last resort - put a hard stop to the rest.

The Tactical Advantage

Defensive mindset: how can you gain the tactical advantage — without stepping onto the battlefield? Perceive, prepare, position.

Escape Routes: Defensive Mindset

Never go somewhere you don’t know at least 2 ways out if you can help it. Keep your head up, eyes open, and noticing what’s around you.

Avoidance, Mitigation, Defense: a Personal Threat Matrix

You can avoid the necessity for use of hard skills by the use of soft skills; learn more about the Avoidance-Mitigation-Defense threat matrix.

NonVerbal Cues — Self-Defense Through Avoidance

You might view self-defense as learning to defend yourself with a weapon, but did you know learning to read nonverbal cues matters, too?

Atmospherics: Read the Room (or parking lot or village of mud huts)

Atmospherics: the awareness of what’s going on around you. In certain cities now, that is a growing concern. Here's how observation of things like body language and movement can be key in avoiding trouble.

Mindset: The Most Important Part of Self-Defense with Ken Hackathorn

The most important part of self-defense might not be what you think. Ken Hackathorn details the importance of the self-defense mindset.

The thing about violence is…

Terms like EDC, CCW, "mindset", and "sheepdog" are frequently tossed around in the defensive firearm community. Less so are "physical conditioning", "mental conditioning", and "good judgment".

Soft Skills in the Survival Spectrum — Here’s Why They’re So Important

Soft Skills can be utilized strategically and tactically whereas hard skills can only be used tactically. Here's a quick run-down on both.

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