Tactical Advantage

Defensive mindset: how can you gain the tactical advantage — without stepping onto the battlefield? Perceive, prepare, position.

Three Steps To Develop Your Ability to Shoot Consistently Well

Consistency in shooting well can be defined as “your ability to repeatedly perform at a known skill level." So how do you get there?

Soft Skills in the Survival Spectrum — Here’s Why They’re So Important

Soft Skills can be utilized strategically and tactically whereas hard skills can only be used tactically. Here's a quick run-down on both.

Escape Routes: Defensive Mindset

Never go somewhere you don’t know at least 2 ways out if you can help it. Keep your head up, eyes open, and noticing what’s around you.


Atmospherics: the awareness of what’s going on around you. In certain cities now, that is a growing concern. Here's how observation of things like body language and movement can be key in avoiding trouble.

Surviving A Riot in Your Vehicle — Awareness and Training

With the high level of civil unrest currently racing across the country, unsuspecting motorists are suddenly finding themselves caught in the middle of riots. How do you survive this type of encounter if it happens to you?

Considerations for Lethal Force Part 3

If you have purchased or carry a gun for self-defense, you must consider all of these factors if you want to improve your chances of truly winning a fight that requires lethal force. The fight is not just physical, it’s also social, legal, and psychological. Include all of these considerations in your mission statement, your family plans, and your training, and you will greatly improve your chances of coming out of such an event with you and your family life in one piece.

Considerations for Lethal Force Part 2

In part one I covered some important preparations for using a firearm in self-defense, such as having performance standards, defining our mission, and developing a confident mindset. In the second installment of our three-part series, I am going to talk about some of the possible legal consequences of lethal force.

GC-157 The Weapon Snatcher | A Study in Mission

Rifles were stolen from SPD vehicles by protesters during the Seattle riots recently; happily, a nearby close protection security officer snatched 'em back.

Considerations for Lethal Force Part 1

So you’ve purchased your gun. You may have even attended a local class and obtained your carry permit. But are you ready to use that gun to defend yourself? Have you deeply considered the ways that a lethal force event could impact your life? In this article, we’ll take a look at a few important considerations and how to prepare yourself for them.

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