160 – Off-Body Carry. Should you? Shouldn’t you? It depends.

Off body carry usually refers to the carry of a concealed firearm in an "off-your-person" location like a purse or a backpack. The method has pros and cons, which we'll discuss in this episode.

GC-130 Joe Weyer | Interacting with Law Enforcement

In this episode, I talk with seasoned Law Enforcement Officer Joe Weyer about interacting with an officer as a Concealed Carry License holder.

Deep Concealed Carry Tips and Tricks

Some real-world situations call for extra measures of caution. Here's a great way to practice concealed carry that is very hard to detect.

Is Your Holster Making Your Pistol Inoperable?

Here’s a frightening scenario. You find yourself in a self-defense encounter. OK, so that’s frightening enough, but it can get worse. What if when you go to draw from your holster and fire your pistol, it doesn’t work? Or maybe it shoots once because your magazine is either unseated or, worse yet, completely missing. What? […]

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