Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless & Davidoff Grand Cru | Gun-and-Cigar Pairing Guide

Guns and Cigars. If you are a cigar smoker you will know that there are a multitude of great drinks, alcoholic and otherwise, that pair well with your favorite smoke. Of course, this is a Gun blog and booze and firearms do not mix. But there are few things finer than setting back with a […]

The Colt Delta Elite: a 1911 chambered in 10mm

Among Colt's many achievements is the circa 1987 Colt Delta Elite, a first of its kind for major manufacturers, being chambered in 10mm

Colt Anaconda 2021— Colt’s Latest Addition to the Snake Pit

Following the re-release of the Cobra in 2017, King Cobra in 2019, and the Python last year, this year's addition is the Colt Anaconda 2021.

GunMag Gun News 5×5 Friday — September 2020

The 2020 Gun Rights Policy Conference had record-breaking attendance last weekend, held virtually for the first time ever. American Tactical has a new 1911 style pistol, Inforce launched a new pistol light, and Ulfhednar has a new range back you'll want to check out. ASP and TacMed both just announced tactical response systems, one for crowd control/riots and the other for responding to active threats.

An Old Colt and Rare Fuentes: Gun and Cigar Pairing Guide

What do you smoke after a day on the range with an old Colt? If there is any weapon that goes well with the Fuente Fuente Opus X, it is this 1913 Colt 1911: an American classic turned Argentine turned American again.

Four Top Guns from SHOT Show 2017

<p>These are four of the most interesting new guns on display at the recent SHOT Show.</p>

Colt announces return of 10mm 1911, now with rails!

<p>Colt announces new railed version of their big-bore 1911, the Delta Elite</p>

Add 8 rounds to a Colt/UZI magazine

<p>Brian Miller 3D prints +8 mag extension for Colt SMG magazines.</p>

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