The Colt Python is Back — How Does the New Snake Stack Up?

The Colt Python is back. How do the new models stack up to the original snakes? Here's one herpetologist's take on the updated snake.

Colt Snake Guns: Past, Present, Future

In the 1950s, Colt launched its line of snake guns. Over the decades they've grown in popularity. Now, Colt's re-making them.

Colt Combat Unit Pistols: Their Latest in the 1911 Lineage

The names “Colt” and “1911” go hand in hand, largely because it was John Moses Browning who invented them. And while Colt has gone on to design and produce all manner of firearms, the 1911 remains an enormous piece of the company’s history. The renowned gun maker produces a number of 1911s including their Colt […]

Rimfire Revolution: The Colt King Cobra Target in 22 LR

A rimfire King Cobra? Yes, please. The Colt King Cobra Target is chambered in 22 LR and designed to be useful for multiple applications.

Colt’s Stunning Combat Elite Government 1911

Colt's Combat Elite 1911 is a single-action with a distinctive look. Get past the flashy finish, though, and there's a classic Colt.

Colt Open Top 1871-82

The Colt Open Top was a rather short-lived design, but it was an important step along the way to the modern revolvers we so enjoy today.

Wheelgun Wednesday: Colt Walker

The Colt Walker played a key role in firearms development. In the gun world, the Colt Walker is famous all on its own. Let's take a look.

Wheelgun Wednesday: Colt Army Model 1860

It took quite awhile for handguns to evolve into revolvers. Let’s take a look at one step in revolver evolution: the Colt Army Model 1860.

1873 Single Action Army Revolver: Wheelgun Wednesday

For this Wheelgun Wednesday, we'll be taking a look at the iconic 1873 Single Action Army Revolver, from the early days to modern iterations.

Looking at the Colt M5 Carbine

One of the things shown at DSEi 2021 was the Colt M5 Carbine. Eric Graves was at DSEi again this year and reported on it.

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