Hands-on with the VooDoo Innovations Witch Doctor

Voodoo Innovations, a company known for parts upgrades, is now making rifles. We have a Witch Doctor in for review, and it is a solid workhorse.

Review: Rock River Arms LAR-15M in 350 Legend

Find out how the Rock River Arms LAR-15M chambered in 350 Legend performs at the range and in the field.

US Military Limited Edition SCW Now Available to the Public

It's not often you can get an official US Air Force and Army weapon while it’s still in service, but for a limited time, you can grab a limited edition SCW!

The PURG-E | No, not that Purge

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have that purge already? Good news, you can! If you're a part of the gov't. And by purge you mean the PURG-E.

Davidson’s Exclusive Firearm | WCT Combat PPE Carbine

Forged upper and lower receivers, the PPE Carbine is based on the WC-15 platform. It's also chambered in a 5.56 NATO, with a 10.4" M-Lok rail, and has a Wilson Rogers Super Stock.

10mm Carbine on a budget: a review of Hi-Point’s 1095TS

Hi-Point has a long history of making unique, if frequently reviled, guns. Their new 10mm carbine is worth talking about in a good way. It is a hard-hitting rifle that delivers reliable performance at a bargain-basement price. Check out our review.

The Saint Edge – Springfield Armory’s New Rifle

<p>Springfield Armory launches a new Saint AR-15 rifle with high end components. It's called the Edge.</p>

GC-149 Carbine Stoppages | Part 1

If you shoot enough you're going to run into problems. In Gunfighter Cast episode GC-149 I talk about how to identify carbine stoppages and discuss a couple of speed reload methods.

Taurus Announces New T4SA Rifle

<p>Taurus USA is now building a 100% American rifle.</p>

Smith & Wesson’s New M&P15 MOE SL Rifles

<p>Smith & Wesson announced a new rifle that suggests a closer partnership between it and Magpul.</p>

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