10mm vs 45 ACP — Which is Better?

Well, define better. It depends on what you want to get out of it. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing 10mm vs 45 ACP.

Five “New” Cartridges: 2021 Caliber Count

This year several major manufacturers have obliged by launching promising new cartridges. Here's what's new in the world of cartridge design.

What You Need to Know About the [not so] New 224 Valkyrie

Wildcats come and go, but the 224 Valkyrie seems like it is here to stay. Flat shooting, and fast, the new round offers compact size and great long range accuracy.

Ammo Dump: Updates from the Depot

You can't have a mag dump without ammo to fill those mags. Herein we'll be providing updates about new ammunition types, manufacturers, and calibers. Check the Ammo Dump often to keep an eye out for ammunition news!

Hunting with the 7.62×39

Is 7.62x39 hunting ammo a good option for you when you take the field? It certainly suits an AR rifle better than the .30-30 Win cartridge.

.50 Beowulf | The Most Fun AR-15 Caliber

<p>The .50 Beowulf offers a fun alternative for the commonly used standard .223/5.56 NATO ammo. </p>

Why I Dig the .357 Sig

There are numerous handgun calibers designed for self-defense. Keeping their nuanced differences straight is complicated. Here's my take on the .357 SIG.

Good bye 6.5 Grendel; Hello .224 Valkyrie

<p>World's first supersonic 1,300 Yard AR-15 cartridge.</p>

$10 a Round: New 12 Gauge Ammo from G2 Research

<p>G2 Research announced new 12 gauge ammunition that offers questionable performance at an incredible $10 for each round.</p>

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