The Concealable Armor Vest — Conceal it With Premier Armor

The new Concealable Armor Vest from Premier Armor grants a high-tech, high-quality level IIIA vest that conceals with absolute ease.

ShotStop Lightweight Level IV Plates

These Lightweight Level 4 Plates are "ultra-light" Level IV HA Armor Piercing Advanced Body Armor Plates from ShotStop Ballistics. 

Body Armor Anniversary: Safe Life Defense Armor Turns 5

Safe Life Defense armor recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary. In recognition of this achievement (and their continued growth) they have a 5-year anniversary sale going on.  Though known for their traditional body armor and rifle plates (q.v.), Safe Life Defense has also received substantial attention for their FRAS: Flexible Rifle Armor System (see below).  […]

178 – The Present and Future of Armor | ShotStop Ballistics

Daniel and Jason Henkel dive into ShotStop’s 2021product offerings, the future of the company, and the future of ballistic protection tech.

Civilian Body Armor: ShotStop Keeping It Light

Civilian body armor (and for that matter, law enforcement and military armor) has historically been heavy and cumbersome.That appears to be changing.

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