Is Body Armor Only for Police?

We (the people) carry a weapon for defense purposes, but we should also be able to protect ourselves from assailants with body armor. Here are some options.

Stephanie Kwolek: Inventor of Kevlar

Stephanie Kwolek was a confident and ambitious woman who didn't want to be a chemist at all, but her work has saved countless lives. Meet the lady who brought you Kevlar.

GunMag History: Second Chance Ballistic Vests

How did the owner of a pizza chain end up inventing a bullet proof vest? Here's the story behind Second Chance Ballistic Vests.

Premier Body Armor: Eclipsys Cooling Panel and Stratis Enhanced Plate

Premier Body Armor had two versions of the Stratis Enhanced Plate armor plates at SHOT Show 2022 and introduced "Eclipsys Cooling" tech, too.

Haley Strategic Partners Releases the Thorax Plate Carrier

Haley Strategic Partners recently announced the release of their Thorax plate carrier. They will be available for shipping in January, 2022.

The New Body Armor Bible from Adept Armor

It rated #1 in new releases in the "Military Technology" on Amazon. Might be a good read if you want to know more about body armor systems.

The Concealable Armor Vest — Conceal it With Premier Armor

The new Concealable Armor Vest from Premier Armor grants a high-tech, high-quality level IIIA vest that conceals with absolute ease.

ShotStop Lightweight Level IV Plates

These Lightweight Level 4 Plates are "ultra-light" Level IV HA Armor Piercing Advanced Body Armor Plates from ShotStop Ballistics. 

Body Armor Anniversary: Safe Life Defense Armor Turns 5

Safe Life Defense armor recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary. In recognition of this achievement (and their continued growth) they have a 5-year anniversary sale going on.  Though known for their traditional body armor and rifle plates (q.v.), Safe Life Defense has also received substantial attention for their FRAS: Flexible Rifle Armor System (see below).  […]

Build a better brainbucket: Bump Helmet Optimization

Tactical Bump Helmets that are designed specifically for low threat and training missions for the special operations community. Those technological updates are now available to everyone in the LE and civilian sectors. Here's how to optimize your bump helmet, whether its a budget or high-end model.

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