Custom Kydex Blackhawk Holsters Now Available

Blackhawk has launched a custom Kydex holster program. It allows consumers to create their holster with all the features they want.

Blackhawk Releases New Stache IWB Concealment Holster

Blackhawk's new Stache IWB Concealment Holster is ambidextrous, optics-ready, and has reduced-printing features for deep concealment. Check it out!

Blackhawk Omnivore – Totally Not Terrible

The Blackhawk Omnivore is a surpsingly awesome option for those of us who need a universal holster option for weird and odd guns.

New Blackhawk T-Series Light Bearing Holster for SIG P320

Blackhawk Tactical announced they have expanded their T-Series Light Bearing Holster lineup to include options for the popular SIG P320 — a weapon finding more and more adoption in law enforcement.

Blackhawk Adds New T-Series L2C Compact Holster

The T-Series L2C Holster was designed with concealment in mind, which is why Blackhawk included a speed cut. They tell us it not only helps present a low-profile design, but it helps speed up your draw, and it’s RMR compatible.

Protect the Goods | Blackhawk’s New T-Series Red Dot Sight Holsters

Just a few days ago, Blackhawk announced an expansion to their T-Series line. The expansion includes new Level 3 Duty Light Bearing holsters compatible with pistol mounted red dot sights. More specifically, these T-Series Red Dot Sight (RDS) Holsters are designed specifically to be used with the Trijicon RMR/SRO, Leupold Delta Point Pro, SIG Romeo1Pro, and other optics of similar size.

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