The BFSIII 22-C1 – Binary Life with the Ruger 10/22

The BFSIII 22-C1 is the latest from Franklin Armory and is one of many in a long line of awesome binary triggers. Like every other binary trigger, it changes the way the gun functions but does not change its overall reliability. The BFSIII 22-C1 is one helluva way to make a 10/22 an even more fun gun.

Binary Trigger – Reviewing the Best Way To Legally Simulate Full Auto

"Binary trigger" - what is it, how is it, do you want it? Read on and we'll answer all your questions in this Franklin Armory binary trigger review.

Review: Binary Trigger For HK Rollerlocks!

<p>Franklin Armory has made a binary trigger for H&K style roller lock firearms. Now your MP5 can be triggered both ways!</p>

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