Rusty Range Find: Will it Work?

I kicked up an old GLOCK 17 magazine on the range. Time to knock of the dirt and see if she still works.

My Polymer 80 Glock – The Gun I Built (Sort Of)

Nothing beats a Glock except the Glock you get to make yourself.

Holster Butchery

Most holster designs work well. They blend form and function to safely hold your gun. Yet even the best holster may need a bit of tweaking.

You Can Build Your Own Glock

<p>Did you know that you can legally build your own Glock pistol clone? Yep - no FFL needed.</p>

Review: Sand PMAGs, Not FDE But a Blank Canvas

<p style="margin-bottom: 0in;">Sand PMAGs are not the same as FDE. They are lighter and do not match Magpul FDE furniture but they are the perfect blank canvas for custom color dyes.</p>

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