STANAG Magazines | Ya got some? Get these rifles!

<p>The STANAG or standard AR-15 magazine is the most common rifle magazine in the United States. Inexpensive, lightweight and available in dozens of capacities, these little ammunition delivery devices can be found in nearly every gun shop in America. But did you know that the AR-15 isn't the only gun to utilize these super-common mags?</p>

Mag Pump AR 15 Mag Loader

The Mag-Pump AR 15 Mag Loader makes loading faster because it doesn't care which direction bullets are loaded. For .223, 5.56 and .300 Blk ammunition.

AR-15 Magazine Guide Part 3: Metal

<p>Throw up some Devil Horns, it’s time for part three of our, ‘AR-15 Magazine Guide’ – the <em>Metal</em> issue!</p>

AR-15 Magazine Guide — Part 2: Polymer

<p>Polymer magazines are a great choice for shooters who want the lightest, most durable method of carrying rounds for their rifle or carbine. While Magpul Dynamics is responsible for the rise in popularity of these magazines, polymer mags have been around for much longer than Magpul.</p>

AR-15 Magazine Guide — Part 1

<p>The most finely made semi-auto firearm in the world isn’t worth a damn without two crucial components: quality ammunition and magazines. Without these two parts of the equation, any magazine-fed firearm quickly becomes a frustratingly unwieldy, single-shot nightmare.</p>

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