My Grey Ghost Precision AR10 Build

Here's how Patti Miller did her AR10 build starting with the Grey Ghost Precision billeted receiver set and building from there.

AR Mag Basics: what you need to know to pick the best AR 15 magazine

Duane Liptak recently helped AR Build Junkie (.com) understand the basics of magazine function. Reading it will help YOU determine the best AR 15 magazine.

Beskar Built 458 SOCOM Mags? Not exactly, but…

This may not quite be a true Mandalorian gun, but the "Beskar Build" (fed with 458 SOCOM magazines) is certainly an excellent homage to Mando.

Building an AR15: 11 tools you’ll need

11 tools you'll need to build an AR15: Paul Carlson runs them down in this installment of Mag Dump Monday. Got a vice? Check. Got armorers' wrench? Check. Got all the right punches? No? Need a list of which ones you should have on your bench? Read on.

Bringing Skunkworks Back: Armalite AR-10A2 Carbine Revival

I wanted to make an XM177-style AR-308 carbine as a big brother to my Blood Diamond gun, with modern specs in mind. Doing this meant I would have to overcome the obstacles presented by there being no standardized spec among AR-308s and join two separate specs into one functioning rifle. This AR-10A2 project was a […]

LaRue Ultimate Upper Kit — Build Your Own LaRue AR For Under $900

Did you know that you can get a brand new LaRue Tactical AR for under $1,000? Here's how to do it with the LaRue Ultimate Upper Kit.

AR15 Firearm: Tuning the Buffer on a 12.5 in. build

If you can disassemble an AR-15, you can tune an AR15 buffer. We're using a recent AR pistol build for an example of how simple the process is.

3 Art Guns for your edification: Concepts, clones, and classics

What's an "art gun"? It can be speculative, as in "what if", it can be a faithful reproduction or even a modernized classic. Take a read and see what we're doing.

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