The Mantis Blackbeard: New Dry Fire Trainer

The Mantis Blackbeard allows much easier drying firing on your AR platform by letting you take 10 shots per second as it resets the hammer.

Ammo showdown: 6.5 Grendel vs .224 Valkyrie

Can you get your AR15 to distances of 1,000 yards or more? See what Ben has to say about the 6.5 Grendel vs .224 Valkyrie.

The $1,200 AR 15 vs the $600 AR 15

In the AR 15 world, you can purchase a rifle at any price point. Here's our $1200 AR vs $600 AR comparison testing. Does the money matter?

Face-Off: AK47 vs AR15 — Accuracy

Which platform is better, the AR-15 or the AK-47? Is there a difference in the AK47 vs AR15 in accuracy? Here's what Paul Harrell has to say.

Strike Industries’ New T-Bone Charging Handle for .223/5.56

Strike Industries' new AR-15 charging handle should be especially beneficial for use with suppressors. How? Well, take a look.

Strike Industries’ New AR Flat Top Overmolded Pistol Grip

Looking to upgrade your Personal Defense Weapon? Check out this new reduced-angle pistol grip from Strike Industries.

10 AR Pistols With a Proven Track Record

AR pistols are easy enough to understand. They're basically compact versions of the world's second most popular rifle pattern. So what makes an AR pistol stand out?

Griffin Armament: Low-Pro RIGID rails (Gen 2)

These new Griffin Armament rails are engineered to be user-friendly, low-profile, modular, and durable. Check out the new LowPro Rigid rails.

Seven Must-Have AR-15 Accessories

One reason why folks love the AR platform is its propensity for customization. What are the most important AR-15 accessories? Start here.

Hands-on with the VooDoo Innovations Witch Doctor

Voodoo Innovations, a company known for parts upgrades, is now making rifles. We have a Witch Doctor in for review, and it is a solid workhorse.

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