STRANDHOGG: Limited Edition Summer Vibes Shirt from First Spear

Cue the music and the Reagan-era vibes. It's time to celebrate the Strandhogg plate carrier, First Spear summertime shirt style.

All Skill No Luck Now Offering Combat Wool Options

All Skill No Luck announced a new version of their two flagship "combat flannel" styles: the Ntchwaidumela and Nemean.

686 Products: Men’s Gore-Tex Infinium Anything Cargo Pant

These new 686 pants have lots of high-tech upgrades to keep you and your gear protected and comfortable in wind and rain. And...13 pockets!

Vertx Cutback and Grip Pant: 2 Styles to Stay Unnoticed

The Vertx Cutback pant and Vertx Grip Pant are two new additions to that manufacturer's line of tactical, low-vis apparel.

Women’s Tactical Shirt: Helmet vs. Tiara Style

Nothing says "women's tactical shirt" like one that has a fully decked out tactical helmet on it..complete with a (tactical?) tiara. And a rifle at the ready, too.

Berserkergang It’s Not: Ancient Warriors, Modern Viking

What happens when ya hang contemporary war gear on ancient warriors and replace a Gadsden rattlesnake with a dragon? You get a modern viking.

Mandocam Hoodies from Battle Tribe: gotta get me one

It’s described as the “Battle Tribe Mandocam light weight pullover hoodie”; I’m not sure what style of hoodie it is specifically, nor the camo hoodie’s specific fabric(s), but we do know there are over eleven hundred 5 star reviews as of this writing. “Mandocam” was created by Matt Rendar, an artist-vetrepreneur who is the war chief […]

Avoiding Hypothermia with the Defense Mechanisms Helion Jacket

Avoid hypothermia by staying dry and warm with the right gear for the conditions. The DM Helion is an excellent insulated jacket for moist, cool conditions.

Long in the tooth don’t mean helpless: fear the old man

SUFFICIENT SPEED - ACCEPTABLE DRAG. "Fear the old man" is just half the phrase. ' a young man's profession." is the latter half.

Become a Ninja Today! Vertx Low-Profile Apparel

What do you think when you hear 'low-profile apparel' — sword-fighting Ninjas? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, no sword-fight ninjas here. But, Vertx has just announced a new Paratus Hoody with a pouch that conceals a hidden zipper pass-through for quick and discrete access to your CCW,

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