Federal Punch 22LR Personal Defense — Yes, 22LR Self Defense Ammo

Federal's new 22LR self defense ammo is a first for this cartridge, further engineered for higher velocity and greater penetration.

The Top Ten Gifts for The Prepared Citizen

Need a gift for the prepper, prepared citizen, or EDC fan in your life? These EDC gear gift suggestions are quality items from respected companies in the industry.

Ammo Dump: Updates from the Depot

You can't have a mag dump without ammo to fill those mags. Herein we'll be providing updates about new ammunition types, manufacturers, and calibers. Check the Ammo Dump often to keep an eye out for ammunition news!

Silence with a Thud: Winchester Super Suppressor Ammo

Looking for hard hitting suppressor ammo? Winchester has something new.

Pack ‘em In with the Mec-Gar Extended Magazines

Mec-Gar is one of those companies everyone in the firearms industry knows. They make mags many companies brand as their own. Now they're making more extended mags, and they run perfectly.

Gun Science: What’s “Knockdown” Power?

Hollywood wants you believe that gunshots bowl people over. That's hardly ever the case. Terminal ballistics are far more difficult to observe with the naked eye, and require a bit more math. So what do people really mean when they say a round has "knockdown power?"

Hornady’s New Critical Defense Rifle Ammunition

<p>Hornady Manufacturing Company announced new rifle loads specifically for personal protection.</p>

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