Is 9mm Really Better Than .380 ACP?

Is 9mm really better than .380 ACP? Graham and Teya of AmmoLand TV determined to find out by testing 9mm vs .380 ACP. Here's what they found.

Media Mayhem—Can shotguns hit two targets with one shot?

Movie Madness is all about finding the truth behind tropes regarding guns, gear, knives, tactics, and more from the world of fiction. We explore tropes from video games, movies, tv, and whatever other media comes our way. In our first edition of the truth about tropes, we are going to look at an old video […]

Putting Three Great 9mm Self-Defense Rounds to the Test

Finding the right ammunition for everyday carry can require a lot of testing. Fortunately for you, we do a lot of testing. Here are some of the stand-out 9mm rounds and the data to back up some impressive gel tests.

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