AK Rifle 101 For New Gun Owners, Part 3: Shopping Tips and Why You Should Bother

Here are some of the things to look for when you're shopping for an AK rifle. And some reasons why people love them. Bucky even named his.

AK Rifle 101 for New Gun Owners, Part 2: Caliber Choice and Ergonomics

In this second installment of our three-part series, we’ll talk about features of the AK rifle system that may or may not appeal to you.

AK Rifle 101 for New Gun Owners, Part 1: What an AK Is and How Not to Buy One

AK Rifle 101 for new gun owners: what an AK is and how not to buy one (a cautionary tale). Ready for the Kalash life?

10 Popular AK-47 Magazine Drop/Full-Auto Test

How well do these ten popular AK-47 magazines handle the drop and full-auto test? Jeremy took them to the range to find out. Take a look.

Red Oktober пять: Champion Kalashing

Red Oktober is the largest Kalashnikov-centric shooting competition and lifestyle event in the country. Got an AKM, AK47, AK74, or PPSh?

7 AK Variants from Around the World

These Top 7 AK variants from around the world may share parentage, but they break the Kalashnikov mold to deliver unique rifles.

All about the AK 12

This "Combat Approved" show about the AK-12 was maybe the best behind-the-scenes Kalashnikov programs we've seen yet. Check it out.

Face-Off: AK47 vs AR15 — Accuracy

Which platform is better, the AR-15 or the AK-47? Is there a difference in the AK47 vs AR15 in accuracy? Here's what Paul Harrell has to say.

Magpul AK Furniture and Mags — Magpul Puked On My Rifle

Ever want a Magpul AK? Well, we all do, but Magpul isn't making AKs yet, but they are making plenty of furniture and gear for the platform.

Top Five AK Mags for the Money

Just like its freedom-loving rival, the AR, your AK-47 has the glorious feature of cross-compatibility. These are the top 5 AK mags to keep your hungry AK satisfied.

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