Ambidextrous AR15s

<p>It makes sense for the AR to fit into so many roles because it is such a versatile rifle. The AR is relatively light weight making it easy to carry. The fact that it is chambered in many different calibers makes it adaptable to many different roles. Accessories for the AR rifles are abundant and they allow for customization for specific duties as well as to each owners personality. The AR-15 is easy to shoot compared to many other rifles. With <a href="">inexpensive and reliable 30 round AR-15 magazines</a> it easy to keep your rifle fed. It seems like the AR is just about the perfect rifle.</p>

Ambi AR 15 Lower from American Defense Mfg

<p>Obviously, I’m not alone in my frustration with the manual of arms of the AR-15.  Today, American Defense Manufacturing announced that a US Patent has been awarded to the company for their fully ambidextrous  AR-15 UIC lower receiver.  UIC stands for Universal Improved Carbine and when it comes to complex manipulation it appears that the improved part is no joke.</p>

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