Rifle Dynamics AKM Build Class: Win an all-expense paid trip!

THE CONTEST ENDS ON 4-30! Who wouldn't want to attend a Rifle Dynamics AK build class? Nobody, that's who. Get in on it now while ya still can.

Top Five AK Mags for the Money

Just like its freedom-loving rival, the AR, your AK-47 has the glorious feature of cross-compatibility. These are the top 5 AK mags to keep your hungry AK satisfied.

Seven Reason Why Xtech is Setting the Standard for AK Mags

AK magazines have come a long way in the last 70-something years. Xtech is setting the standard for AK magazines and here are 7 reasons why.

It’s Draco Season Y’all — Hip Hops Favorite Firearm

The Draco AK pistol has become a fan favorite in the Hip Hop and Rap genres. It all started with Soulja Boy...

Modernization of the AK: A newbies story

What does AK stand for? Avtomat Kalashnakova, of course. I decided to transform the AK-47 in my safe into a modernized ak. These are the upgrades I chose.

AK-63D | Century Arms Builds a Winner

Several years back, Century Arms coupled Hungarian AK parts kits with milled American receivers, creating the AK-63D Underfolder Rifle. Check it out!

The Ultimate AK Gift Guide

Need a gift for the Kalash enthusiast in your life? We've built an AK gift guide that covers it all, from gold AK 47s to custom AK furniture and all sorts of AK 47 accessories. Take a look!

The Best New Kalashnikov Updates

The Kalashnikov is iconic--some might say classic--but the design continues to evolve. What's coming up for fans of the AK platform? Check it out.

Beating the AK Drum – KCI’s Modern Drum

I love drums, a lot. Even though I don’t have a practical use for them, I adore them. I own one for my Glock in 9mm, as well as one for my ARs, and of course, I have one for my Draco AK pistol. I’ve been impressed by KCI drums in the past and the […]

The SIG 556R – Sig’s Swiss AK wanna-be

Fans of the AR-15 platform have been looking for that perfect AR/AK hybrid for years. Every company gets at least one attempt at a 7.63x39. Sig made a solid rifle with their 556R, but how well does it stack up?

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