The Top 5 Magazine Fed Shotguns

Mag fed shotguns have been around for decades, but they were hard to find. Not anymore. Now you can upgrade your pump-action shotgun, find a suitably AR style shotgun, or take a hint from Owen Zastava Pitt and run an AK style semi-automatic shotgun.

SGM Tactical VEPR 12 Gauge 25-Round Clear Drum Magazine Review

Bigger's always better right? If you own a VEPR, you need one of these.

Review: Cheetah 12 – A Stand In For The Vepr12 And Saiga 12

<p>With bans on importing Saiga 12 and Vepr12, there are not that many options to get AK-style mag fed shotguns in the US. Well the SDS Imports Cheetah 12 may be able to fill that vacuum.</p>

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