The Return of the US Palm AK30 Magazines – Do They Suck?

Century Arms has brought back the famed US Palm AK30 magazines. So do they live up to the US Palm reputation?

“AK Banana Clips”: Get Your Banana Mag and Morale Patch

A banana magazine is a curved magazine for a firearm. A "banana clip" usually holds 30 rounds. Some are more banana-like than others, though.

Top Five AK Mags for the Money

Just like its freedom-loving rival, the AR, your AK-47 has the glorious feature of cross-compatibility. These are the top 5 AK mags to keep your hungry AK satisfied.

Seven Reason Why Xtech is Setting the Standard for AK Mags

AK magazines have come a long way in the last 70-something years. Xtech is setting the standard for AK magazines and here are 7 reasons why.

Best AK Mags: steel-reinforced Bulgarian jobs are on the list

What are the best AK mags? Opinions may vary, but we think these steel-reinforce Bulgarian AK47 magazines are on the list. Prob'ly right up top.

AK 47 Magazine Muster: for your Kalash Collection

If you’re a Kalashnikov owner, you know you can buy AK 47 magazines (well, AKM magazines) from all over the world. There are Russian AK mags of course, but also Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Chinese, American…they’re being manufactured on at least five continents. So how do you tell ’em apart? And how do you determine what […]

Clear(ed) hot: full transparency about see through clipazines

Clear magazine options: looking for something see-through to feed your AR, AK, or favorite handgun? Read on and select the right transparent "clipazine" for you.

Bad Element Customized AK Magazines

Bad Element Company makes some interesting improvements to AK mags. For one, check out this all-state-compliant magazine/bottle opener.

Top Three Mags for the CMMG Mutant

<p>Half AR-10. Half AK. All-American, all-Mutant. But how should you feed this beast?</p>

Mag Review: Magpul 20-Round AK PMAGs

<p>Lighweight, affordable and built from the same high-strength polymer as the AR15 magazines that built the company’s name, the AK PMAG is ideal for modern AK enthusiasts. Especially those that wish to purchase a dozen or so and run them hard.</p>

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