Aimpoint Duty RDS

Aimpoint brings its innovative red dot technology, previously for law enforcement only, to the commercial market with the Duty RDS.

Acro vs. 509T – Battle of The Enclosed Emitters

With pistol-sized red dots there are only two names in town that have enclosed emitters. Here's the Aimpoint Acro vs. Holosun 509T showdown.

The Aimpoint Acro – Red Dot Brick or Revolution?

Aimpoint invented the modern red dot optic but took their time making a pistol-sized variant. Is the Aimpoint Acro all it's cracked up to be?

Aimpoint adds new CompM5b to their line of red dots

Aimpoint recently announced the worldwide sale of the new CompM5b. The “Five Bravo” is the newest optic in the Aimpoint CompM5 lineup. It’s “golden feature” (so to speak) is ballistic compensation with interchangeable turrets. This allows users to quickly adjust the “dot” based on wind or distance. Says Aimpoint, “The CompM5b comes with interchangeable turrets […]

Review: Aimpoint 6X Magnifier–Reach Out With That Red Dot

Looking for a way to get more distance out of a red dot optic? Magnifiers are a logical choice. Aimpoint now offers a 6X magnifier that really increases the range, but the device may not be for everyone.

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