The Guns of Tombstone: Great Gunfights, Magnificent Mustaches

This 1993 film is a classic that's writ large across today's pop culture: The guns of Tombstone is just one reason it'll remain that way

Big Damn Deagle: Reacher and His Hand Cannon

Amazon's Reacher just started streaming. Pike zoomed through it fast. Here's a peek at the Reacher Desert Eagle: his "Deagle" hand cannon.

The Guns of Predator 1987: If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

However poorly chosen, the guns of Predator 1987 managed to wound the creature, and you know that means: if it bleeds we can kill it.

Guns of Tomorrow War – Gun Guy At The Movies

The Tomorrow War hit Amazon and kicked off the summer movie season. Here a gun guy checks out the gear, tactics, and guns of Tomorrow War.

John Wick Guns: the Ones He Uses (and How)

John Wick guns; there are lots and lots of them, as you've probably seen. What are they though? And what's the symbolism framing their use?

The Top 5 Gun Movies (That Aren’t Heat)

2020 is almost over. Still stuck at home? Check out my Top 5 Gun Movies list. Then go check out imfdb (Internet Movie Firearms Database) for all kinds of gun movie knowledge.

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