Kimber R7 Mako: 19 Ounces, 6 Inches Long, 13 Round Mags

Kimber has been dropping hints about the new R7 Mako for weeks. Here's what we know about the newest polymer, striker-fired little 9mm.

9x19mm 101 with Sootch00

The 9x19mm round has come a long way since it was first designed by Georg Luger back in 1901. What's your preferred self-defense round?

Springfield Latest Hellcat Magazine Gives Us 15 Rounds

The latest Hellcat Magazine packs 15 rounds of 9mm in a very hard to load platform. However, its easy to empty when the time comes.

The Altor Pistol — A Modern CIA Deer Gun

The Altor Pistol is a single shot 9mm handgun that is strikingly similar to the CIA's Deer gun. Similar, but much better in design.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol: Optics Ready Concealed Carry

Ruger's new MAX-9 steps right up to current market demand for higher-capacity, compact, optics-ready handguns for concealed carry. Here are the details, updates, and news of accessory options.

Wilson Combat Mags for 1911s in 9mm

If you're looking to add some Wilson Combat 1911 9mm magazines to your range bag, you already know the high-quality machining, customer service, and reliability that goes with the brand. Check out these models.

Walther’s New Flagship Handgun: the PDP

The new Walther Performance Duty Pistol (PDP) is a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm handgun with a completely redesigned slide assembly.

Is a 9mm Revolver Right for You? Four Pros and One Con

Is the 9mm revolver right for you? Let's examine why the world's favorite automatic cartridge makes a great wheelgun round.

New S&W 986 9mm Revolver from the Performance Center

<p>Interested in a 9mm revolver that has the Performance Center treatment? Smith & Wesson has a new revolver for you.</p>

New ETS Mags: Glock 9mm, 170mm 27-Round Competition

<p>Elite Tactical Systems has paid attention to the trends in competition and as a result has developed a new competition legal, 9mm, 27 round, 170mm magazine from its translucent polymer.</p>

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