Putting Three Great 9mm Self-Defense Rounds to the Test

Finding the right ammunition for everyday carry can require a lot of testing. Fortunately for you, we do a lot of testing. Here are some of the stand-out 9mm rounds and the data to back up some impressive gel tests.

Highlights From the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting: Mag Fed Scatter Guns and Crazy Quiet 9mms

The NRAAM is always a hotbed of internal politics. On the streets outside, protestors try in vain to win anti-2A converts. It rarely works, though. Most of the show's attendees are heading to the convention floor, a sprawling display of guns and gear.

5 Reasons To Carry a Single Stack

<p>Single-stack concealed carry pistols have been around for more than a century. Many Americans don't want to sacrifice capacity, or make arguments for larger calibers. But the latest 9mm polymer pistols are kicking ass and winning converts.</p>

KRISS Vector MK1 Modular Rail

<p>KRISS USA has released a new modular handguard for the KRISS Vector.</p>

Polymer Magazines For The MP5

<p>Turkish firearms manufacturer, MKE, makes a polymer magazine for their MP5s.</p>

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