Size Matters Not: Shield EZ is Easy to Load, Easy to Carry, Easy to Shoot

One of the struggles with compact and subcompact firearms often comes down to the magazine capacity and how to get them fully loaded. In this regard revolvers are often easier, just open the cylinder or loading gate and you are ready to go. When you have a similar sized semiauto pistol it can be a […]

Taurus G3c — A Legit Choice for an Affordably Priced Pistol

If you think a handgun is a handgun, you’re technically correct…but wrong for all other intents and purposes. The reality is that all guns should be purpose-specific. Handguns are used for everything from hunting to home defense to duty weapons and everything in-between, so take the time to choose carefully. Some, like the Taurus G3c, […]

Best Bang for your EDC Buck? The Taurus G2c

The Taurus G2c is a lot of gun for the money. If you're looking for a functional 9mm that is purpose build for budget EDC, this is a solid choice.

Springfield’s Hellcat OSP 9mm Wins the 2020 Best New Handgun Award

What’s so special about the Springfield Hellcat 9mm pistol? According to Springfield Armory, it's the world’s highest capacity micro-compact available.

CmmG 9mm PCC Line | Find the Right Magazine for your AR-Style Pistol

Can you tell us which one doesn’t fit in this group by merely looking at the video? Go ahead, push pause even? Can you tell they're all a CMMG 9mm?

The CZP10C – Czech Striker done right

What happens when CZ gets into the striker fired pistol industry? Sadly, first the CZ 100: but two decades later they redeem themselves with the CZ P10C.

1911s – 45 ACP vs 9mm vs 10mm — Which is Best?

1911s are some of America's favorites. This single stack, John Browning creation is one of the most popular handguns ever but what's the best 1911 caliber?

How To Pick the Best Defensive Handgun

Learn to choose the best handgun to defend yourself in the most chaotic, close-distance, and violent of confrontations.

The Ruger PC Charger – PC Carbine Redefined

The Ruger PC Charger is the latest from Ruger; it's a pistol variant of their famed PC Carbine. The PC Charger is an awesome package. Here's why.

Mossberg MC1: A New Single Stack 9 SHOT Show 2019

Mossberg's new MC1 is a big entrance into the single-stack pistol market. We shot one at Range Day and are here with our first impressions.

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