Ruger American Rifle — AR Mag-Fed Bolt Action in .223

Ruger's AR Magazine fed bolt action rifle is a compelling platform. This American Rifle may be the best one yet.

The BRN 180 – A Not So American Classic

The BRN 180 is a modern development in the AR 18 family of rifles. Brownells has been killing it with the retro line and is the BRN 180 any different?

Not Your Average Mag-Fed .223: The Henry Long Ranger

While most of my .223s have evolved from the AR family tree, one hasn't. What's the appeal of a lever-action chambered for the .223? Henry has the answer.

The Maxim PDX: A New Standard for Compact PDWs SHOT Show 2019

Looking for a truly compact rifle that will run reliably? Check out Maxim's PDX. We shot it at SHOT Show and have this early report.

BCM’s 20in Government Profile Upper Review: Is Bigger Really Better?

While some long-range rifles embrace weight, most AR-15s are evolving downward. Lightweight rifles and braced pistols are the norm. Yet there's something to be said for a longer barrel, as this BCM upper demonstrates.

HK 416 Polymer Gen2 Stanag Magazine

This HK 416 Gen2 STANAG magazine is not a common magazine that you see here in the US. Let's look at the details up close.

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