M400 TREAD Predator

The M400 TREAD Predator is Sig's newest addition to the M400 TREAD family, an AR-15 platform with design features for hunting predators.

Davidson’s Exclusive Firearm | WCT Combat PPE Carbine

Forged upper and lower receivers, the PPE Carbine is based on the WC-15 platform. It's also chambered in a 5.56 NATO, with a 10.4" M-Lok rail, and has a Wilson Rogers Super Stock.

Not Your Average Mag-Fed .223: The Henry Long Ranger

While most of my .223s have evolved from the AR family tree, one hasn't. What's the appeal of a lever-action chambered for the .223? Henry has the answer.

The Saint Edge – Springfield Armory’s New Rifle

<p>Springfield Armory launches a new Saint AR-15 rifle with high end components. It's called the Edge.</p>

Noveske’s Ghetto Blaster

<p>Noveske is throwing back to the 80s for the inspiration on this Honey Badger competitor.</p>

Hornady’s New Critical Defense Rifle Ammunition

<p>Hornady Manufacturing Company announced new rifle loads specifically for personal protection.</p>

Taurus Announces New T4SA Rifle

<p>Taurus USA is now building a 100% American rifle.</p>

New DPMS AR Rifle: the Lite 16M

<p>The new DPMS Lite 16M is a new rifle that promises a lot - but does it deliver?</p>

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