DRD Tactical Announces New MFP-21 Pistol

The DRD Tactical MFP-21 Pistol features a newly designed lower with an integrated picatinny rail on the butt plate.

Brownell’s BRN 180S Gen2 Review

The BRN 180S Gen2 introduces .300 Blackout in a 10-" barrel that works with an adjustable piston system that is easily accessible to work whether you are shooting super or subsonic ammunition; shooting suppressed or non suppressed.

Remington 700CP: It Identifies As A Pistol

The Remington 700CP uses Magpul AI magazines. There will be three calibers: .308, .223, and .300blk. Adding a Stabilizing Brace expands scope options.

Magazine Segregation: Don’t Cross the Uppers

If you run multiple calibers from guns that look strikingly similar (or can even run from the same magazine), you need to develop a strategy to keep things organized.

Magpul Dedicated .300blk PMAG Now Available

The shape of 300blk cartridges makes it so they don't stack evenly which creates added pressure and limits capacity. Magpul's gonna fix that.

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