Standard Manufacturing SG22: For Target Shooters

The SG22 has a classic target pistol aesthetic, reminiscent of the Colt Woodsman designed by John Moses Browning—with modern capabilities.

.22 Long Rifle: What is It Good For?

The .22 Long Rifle is among the most versatile and useful cartridges out there. Outdoors expert Ron Spomer breaks it down for us.

Savage Mark II FV-SR — A Yute-Sized Sniper Rifle

I really wasn’t in the market for anything, but sure enough, a rifle at the local gunshop caught my eye—a Mark II FV-SR. It's a good one!

The Lifecard from Trailblazer — A Bond Worthy Gadget

The Lifecard by Trailblazer is an oddball, but it's a very cool design that allows for unbeatable deep concealment.

Volquartsen Scorpion-X 22 LR Rimfire Pistol — Ready for a Red Dot

Volquartsen says that this pistol offers that "little something" that will make competitive shooters a fraction of a second faster.

MP5 SD6 from Walther — a .22 Classic!

Walther's MP5 SD6 is a plinking classic that mimics the suppressed MP5 SD3. If you're looking for faux-suppressed fun you'll wanna read this!

Rimfire Revolution: The Colt King Cobra Target in 22 LR

A rimfire King Cobra? Yes, please. The Colt King Cobra Target is chambered in 22 LR and designed to be useful for multiple applications.

Tippmann Arms M4-22 Micro Pistol

This little .22 micro pistol from Tippmann Arms has a lot going for it as far as features go. So how does it perform on the range? Find out.

The Umarex-HK MP5 in .22 LR: “Hardcore and Heavy Duty”

Curious about the new HK MP5 22 LR from Umarex? Here's a closer look from Todd the Gun Guy along with some context from Bucky Lawson.

Ruger Mark IV 22/45

I’m a .22 Long Rifle whore. There, I said it. They tell me that the first step is admitting that it’s a problem. Except, it’s not a problem because I can stop any time I want, honestly! So a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 pistol followed me home.

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