10mm vs 45 ACP — Which is Better?

Well, define better. It depends on what you want to get out of it. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing 10mm vs 45 ACP.

Review: Devil Dog Arms 10mm 1911

This 10mm 1911 from Devil Dog Arms is fully capable of handgun hunting use and self-defense, but you'll probably need a cover garment for concealed carry.

The Colt Delta Elite: a 1911 chambered in 10mm

Among Colt's many achievements is the circa 1987 Colt Delta Elite, a first of its kind for major manufacturers, being chambered in 10mm

1911s – 45 ACP vs 9mm vs 10mm — Which is Best?

1911s are some of America's favorites. This single stack, John Browning creation is one of the most popular handguns ever but what's the best 1911 caliber?

10mm Carbine on a budget: a review of Hi-Point’s 1095TS

Hi-Point has a long history of making unique, if frequently reviled, guns. Their new 10mm carbine is worth talking about in a good way. It is a hard-hitting rifle that delivers reliable performance at a bargain-basement price. Check out our review.

The Rock Ultra FS HC 10mm – Fat Bottom Girls Run The World

Like big single actions? Check out this double stack 10mm: The Rock Ultra.

10mm or .45 ACP? The Springfield Armory TRP

If you had the choice between a 10mm and a .45 ACP in exactly the same gun, which would you choose?

Massad Ayoob | Thoughts on 1911 Magazines

My first 1911 magazine came, not surprisingly, with my first 1911 pistol. It was a military surplus Colt, serial number 196246, produced in the year 1918.  The checkering was almost gone from its original walnut “diamond” style right grip panel, and the magazine in it was half blue and half white.  Didn’t have the lanyard loop on the floorplate that some did, but that would have been redundant to the lanyard loop on the pistol itself.  The year was 1960.  I was twelve years old.

Colt announces return of 10mm 1911, now with rails!

<p>Colt announces new railed version of their big-bore 1911, the Delta Elite</p>

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