HSGI Taco mag pouch: now for Gyrenes

Word has come from Swansboro, NC that HSGI has been awarded a contract to provide rifle mag pouches to the Marine Corps: specifically, the X2R MOLLE HSGI taco.

According to the release, Marine Corps System Command (MARCORSYSCOM) has contracted with HSGI to provide 150,000 MOLLE magazine pouch sets (stacked double rifle mag pouches). The release explains that the X2R Taco MOLLE pouch was chosen “…for its preferred functionality, versatility and weight.”

It goes on:

The HSGI X2R TACO will handle any type of rifle magazines. The Double Decker design allows the user to carry 2 magazines in a single pouch that takes up only 3 in. of horizontal space on the platform. The X2R uses injection-molded polymer brackets, Cordura front and back, shock cord lacing, and a thin HDPE separator to ensure adjustability and user perfect fit to maximize deployment capabilities.

The High Speed Gear taco will now be issued by the USMC.
The High Speed Gear taco will now be issued by the USMC.

Bill Babboni, HSGI’s Vice President of Sales and Operations, says,

“Over the years, all branches of the military have used High Speed Gear. We are honored to have been selected by the United States Marine Corps to provide 150,000 X2R TACO pouches as the solution for the requested modular double rifle magazine pouch. It was exciting to learn that HSGI was selected especially since Marine preference played a sizable part in the selection process.”

HSGI Tacos are designed for a quick, snug fit with a wide variety of rifle magazines from platforms like the AR-15, AK, M14, PMAG, FAL, and others. They’re a proven, reliable choice for ammo carriage thanks to their simple, lightweight construction and long-lasting reliability.

With Velcro attachment points and an optional High Speed Gear clip, these magazines can attach to MOLLE, large belts, or practically any other point on your rig for maximum convenience. All TACO magazine pouches are made in America and come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Taco pouch in woodland camo.
Taco pouch in woodland camo.
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