Strike Industries’ New T-Bone Charging Handle for .223/5.56

Strike Industries just announced a new charging handle for AR-15’s in .223/5.56 that should be especially beneficial for use with suppressors. How? Well, take a look. It’s designed to direct the gas flow to the left, right, or even both ways—you get to decide. But the thing is, you’re not going to get that obnoxious gas cloud in your face. And, since the user determines which way the gas flows, it’s good for left and right-handed shooters.

Adjust the handle to direct gas flow away from your face and firing hand.

It’s compatible with AR-15, M4, and M16 upper receivers, but not AR-10s. The company advises that the handles can be easily swapped with option sizes and styles that will be announced soon. The handle comes with two set screws and two hex tools for assembly and adjustments. Also, it’s available in five colorways, including FDE and Olive Drab—so most likely you’ll be able to find something that fits your platform.

Strike Industries T-Bone AR-15 Charging Handle for .223/5.56
The new handle has a black aluminum shaft, with polymer handles available in black, red, blue, FDE, and Olive Drab.

Here’s how SI describes the new charging handle:

The Strike Industries T-Bone Charging Handle for .223/5.56 AR-15’s feature a patented gas redirect system that allows you to configure the gas to exit only left, only right, or evenly to both sides. The shaft of the charging handle is machined from 7000 series aluminum which excels in applications requiring lightweight and high strength.

However, with comfort and control in mind, the T-Bone latchless handles are made from SI PolyFlex polymer. The handles can be easily swapped with optional (coming soon) different sizes and styles. The latchless feature of the T-Bone gives minimal wear and tear on your AR upper receiver compared to traditional charging handles on the market.

The Strike Industries T-Bone Charging Handle for .223/5.56 gives you a modular way to direct the gas and setup the feel and look for one of the most overlooked and essential part of your AR upper receiver.

T-Bone AR-15 Charging Handle Features:

  • Configure gas to exit only left, only right, or evenly on both sides
  • Latchless modular SI PolyFlex polymer handles
  • SI patent pending ambidextrous charging handle
  • Handles can be easily swapped with option sizes and styles (coming soon)
  • Minimal wear on upper receiver compared to others on the market
  • Machined from 7000 series aluminum which excels in applications requiring lightweight and high strength


  • Length: 172.04mm (6.77″)
  • Width: 62.06mm (2.44″)
  • Height: 14.95mm (0.59″)
  • Weight: 1.0 oz
  • Weight w/ pkg: 1.6 oz

What’s in the package?

Strike Industries T-Bone Charging Handle package contents.
Everything you’ll need to install and adjust the charging handle to suit your preferences.
  • x1 T-Bone Charging Handle (fully assembled)
  • x2 Set screw [M3x8mm]
  • x1 Hex tool [1.5mm]
  • x1 Hex tool [3mm]

Other Notes about the T-Bone Charging Handle

Compatibility: It is compatible with AR-15/M4/M16 upper receivers.
Not compatible with: AR-10 upper receivers.


  • Strike does point out that aluminum material will wear out faster than steel, so keep that in mind.
  • Due to numerous factors that take place during the anodization process, the color lines from batch to batch of a certain product may vary.
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