Streamlight Celebrates 50 Years of Light

Since its founding in 1973, Streamlight has been a leading provider of high-performance lights, whether handheld or weapon mounted. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s manufacturing of sought-after lighting systems. Over the past 50 years, Streamlight has grown from a small company with a small product offering to a well-known and highly regarded brand that supplies law enforcement, military, firefighters, and commercial markets.

According to some sources, Streamlight is a pioneer in the development of rechargeable flashlights, lanterns, and LED lighting. The company is renowned for its engineering approach to creating lighting products that have extraordinary brightness along with high value and durability.

Streamlight Microstream USB light
Streamlight is celebrating 50 years of business this year. The company has been creating lights for almost every sector and has been built up from a small company to one that now employs over 350 people. Streamlight credits many innovations over the years, such as the USB rechargeable Microstream flashlight, to its continued success. (Photo credit: Streamlight)

“At Streamlight, we have always taken pride in designing and manufacturing lighting products that make our customers’ jobs easier, improve their productivity, and keep them safe in trying conditions,” said Streamlight President and CEO Ray Sharrah. “As we celebrate 50 years of operation, we pledge to continue to leverage the latest advances in LED and battery technologies to produce ever brighter, more useful lighting tools, while still maintaining our same high-quality standards.”

Sharrah noted some of the company’s recent innovations:

  • USB rechargeable flashlights and headlamps that offer the convenience of on-the-go USB charging.
  • Flashlight systems that run on multiple fuel sources (rechargeable and disposable batteries).
  • Waterproof scene lights that offer brightness in smoke or water-filled scenarios.
  • Hands-free or hanging compact work lights for tight spaces that rotate to direct the light where it’s needed.
  • A myriad of weapon-mounted lights for long guns, shotguns, and handguns.

With a broad range of lights to choose from, Streamlight offers solutions for law enforcement, military, firefighting, industrial, automotive, outdoor, and DIY users across the globe. The once small Pennsylvania-based company now employs over 350 people and holds over 500 US and foreign patents. The company has made tracks for the last 50 years and will no doubt continue to do so.

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