Steyr DMR Lightweight Rifle

Steyr Arms, the well-known company which produces the AUG 5.56 bullpup rifle, has expanded its product line with the Steyr DMR rifle. This rifle will be lightweight, think under seven pounds, and will be available in a variety of rifle cartridges including the .308 WIN and the 277 FURY rounds.

Steyr DMR front view
Steyr has expanded its rifle offerings, in Europe at least, to include a lightweight rifle that shoots larger caliber rounds. The DMR can be chambered in a variety of rounds like 277 FURY, 6.8 Creedmoor, and .308 WIN. (Photo credit: TFB)

According to reports, Steyr was wanting to get the perfect combination of accuracy with a lightweight design with the DMR rifle. What the company showed at ENTAC 2023 in Germany is a sub-MOA rifle that can shoot the larger calibers of .308 WIN, .277 FURY/6.8x51mm, and 6.5 Creedmoor. The rifle is said to be a piston-driven system that has four different gas settings that include a setting for regular conditions, adverse conditions, gas-off, and a setting for silencer/suppressor that is geared towards subsonic ammunition.

The rifle doesn’t require a buffer tube for function, features a folding stock, and is compatible with any off-the-shelf AR stocks. It can be shot with the stock folded or extended, according to the company. The Steyr DMR is also said to be easier to adopt for both left and right-handed shooters with a reversible charging handle.

Steyr DMR rifle back angle
The Steyr DMR rifle is a gas piston system that doesn’t require a buffer tube enabling it to have a folding stock. The rifle can be shot with the stock folded or expanded according to the company. (Photo credit: TFB)

Reportedly the rifle features a “quick change barrel system” that only requires a torque wrench to change out the barrels. However, the name might be a bit of a misnomer. That the system is meant to simplify the swap rather than an actual in-the-field barrel swapping system, according to Steyr. To round out the features, the rifle is said to be able to use any AR-10/SR-25 patterned magazine.

But don’t get too worked up about the Steyr DMR rifle just yet. The word is that the rifle will be in production near the end of 2023 in Europe. The company alluded to the fact the rifle is possible to make a landing in the US, but probably won’t happen until later in 2024. No solid word on pricing for the rifle yet but would only state the price would be “decent”, whatever that means. Regardless, it looks like a neat rifle that would be fun to shoot.

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