Standing Position: Small Details to make your handgun shooting position better

Standing position - small details to make your handgun shooting position better.

The standing position is the most common handgun shooting positions whether you’re training or plinking. If you want to shoot faster and optimize recoil recovery, watch the video below. In the video, Daniel Shaw covers several small details that’ll help you shoot better, faster, and with better recoil management.

Give them a try next time you are at the range and let us know what works for you in the comments section.

Standing position - Daniel Shaw's tips for faster shooting and better recoil recovery.

Standing position – pay attention to your stance, feet, shoulders, elbows, arm placement….and even your toes!


Shaw’s Tips for Better Shooting in Standing Position

Here are a few of the suggestions discussed in the video:

    • Have your body squared up to the target.
    • Make sure you’ve got a good grip.
    • Keep your knees slightly bent, as in an athletic posture.
    • Stand with your toes pointed. This way you’re able to step off in any direction or change levels at any time with very little weight shifting.
    • Stand straight and tall to obtain your best visibility point.
    • Avoid squeezing your arms up by your face, because that can impede your peripheral vision.
    • Lean slightly forward so your body weight is forward of the centerline.
    • Avoid leaning back, this can cause inconsistency in your shooting.
    • Load weight on the left (or front) leg.
    • Dig your toes into the ground.

Say what?

Yes, that’s right. Dig your toes into the ground.

Shaw says that this technique makes a big difference in recoil management.

“I found that once I started digging my toes into the ground … I’m absorbing the crap out of that recoil.”

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