SomeWear Global Hotspot: carry along satellite communication!

The SomeWear Global Hotspot from SomeWear Labs won’t be for everybody, but we’re confident it’ll just the thing for somebody (likely many somebodies). Whether you want it for backpacking, camping, working at remote sites, emergency response, or just exigent weather events, this little piece of off-grid communication kit provides an easily transportable global hotspot for satellite communication. In some cases (including mine) it might be exactly what’s needed to get some work done (including during the notoriously bad cell coverage of SHOT Show’s Range Day).

Hiking gear: now including SomeWear's SOS

Somewear Summed Up

I have to be completely honest and admit it. I have trekked many miles all by myself with just a cell phone as a means to call for help if things were to go sideways. How many times did I find myself with absolutely no signal? Too many that I care to admit. I’ve known for years that I need to purchase a satellite device, but (again, in the essence of candor), the cost of the services held me back. That as in the early days, however, when global hotspots and packable satellite communication capability first became readily available.

It’s now 2020 and with better technology comes reduced price…which as I see it is a Good Thing. The way this year is going thus far makes me think this is the time to have a global hotspot device — and not just for when I’m getting away in the mountains.

Enter SomeWear. I’ve had this little (potential) lifesaver since January, having first seen it in a gifts for hikers section of a gift guide. It has been a source of comfort and provided a sense of security since I first put hands on it.

So what does it do? It will save your ass if shit goes wrong, that’s what it does.

The SomeWear is a device that turns your phone into a satellite communicator. That means if I trek out into the middle of nowhere (as I seem to frequently end up doing), my phone will be able to keep working even when I don’t have cell service. Through the Somewear Labs app, I can message all my contacts. For instance, I could send my location to family or friends and they can track me and see where I am in real-time, or just provide periodic updates — or let ’em know I’m in a jam. The app even tells me the hourly/daily and extended weather forecast. This is as great for a weekend outdoors as it is for overseas adventure travel.

Satellite Communication for hikers (and other gear)
SomeWear Global Hotspot on the trail with Jasper, Hill People Gear belt bag, ESEE fixed blade, My Medic solo kit, Jasper’s TuffMutt leash, and NorthFace vest.

The SomeWear Global Hotspot requires a data plan but they are very affordable and you can even cancel the plan if you think you won’t be needing it for a while. Plans start at $100 for a year (with little usage) and up to $50.00 month for unlimited usage. Another benefit: all plans come with 24/7 SOS monitoring.

What is SOS monitoring? That’s the part that really matters, ‘cuz if you’re in a jam needing help this is how you get it.

There is an easily-activated SOS button on the device, covered by a cap to eliminate accidental deployment…think “life alert” kinda stuff, but for people in the remote outdoors. And because it’s so small (and easy to stow away) you can keep it handy without unduly adding to the weight you’re carrying.

It’s been nice to hike more confidently with this on my gear and has or sure eliminated unnecessary stress and worry.

More info on down the road about durability, signal strength and quality, and other aspects of the SomeWear after I’ve been able to use it a while longer in more outta-the-way locations!


Here’s how they explain the SomeWear on the website:

SomeWear Global Hotspot

Satellite Communication

The Somewear Global Hotspot gives any smartphone the ability to keep working when cellular service fails. With 100% global satellite data coverage, the Global Hotspot is an asset for every mission from a weekend adventure to a remote work site.

OFF Grid Communication

With Smart Routing, Somewear’s messaging feature works seamlessly across WiFi, Cellular and Satellite connectivity. Near or far, you can be confident that whatever you have to say will be seen.

Heading off grid, someone is going to worry about you. Whether it’s your spouse or your supervisor, Somewear’s onboard GPS and interval tracking will make it simple for people to follow your path in real time.

No one likes getting caught off guard. Somewear’s weather reporting gets you the latest information on demand to help you plan accordingly.



SomeWear communication explained.


You can learn more at

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