SNEAK PEEK: Night Fision Fiber Optic Sights

Night Fision, a Detroit-based manufacturer of advanced tritium insertion solutions, has a sneak peek of its next sight offerings, the Fiber Optic sights for Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Sig Sauer.

Nght Fision Fiber Optic Sights
Night Fision, a Michigan-based sights manufacturer, has given a sneak peek of its latest sights, the Fiber Optics sights. Available in two height options, it features a front fiber optic insert with a blank rear sight. The sights should be available in mid-February. (Photo credit: Night Fision)

The next iteration of the sights will be available in Standard Height and Optics Ready blade height. The fiber optics sights will have the color inserts of red and green, with a deeper red called Ruby coming soon after. In addition, the Optics Ready fiber optic sights, much like the Optics Ready Stealth line, will be a CNC machined steel sight body with serrations to eliminate glare along with smooth or beveled edges to minimize snag.

“This is something that we’ve been working on for awhile and cannot wait to release. Fiber Optic sights are something we haven’t done before, but not something we aren’t familiar with. These fiber sights offer clear visibility in all environment conditions. Middle of the night, foggy, rain? No problem,” says Rachel Maloney, Director of Marketing for Night Fision.

The Night Fision fiber optic sights have a blank square rear sight with a set screw to match up with the fiber optic front. The sights are set to hit the market in mid-February 2023 and more information regarding specifications and pricing should be available then.

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