West Coast Style – Two New Compliant Rifles from Smith & Wesson


Smith & Wesson is the latest company to offer California shooters an AR-style rifle that will comply with the latest set of state laws. The company recently announced that it would sell two new guns that are compliant with all of the applicable regulations imposed by the state. The two rifles are based on the M&P15 Sport II and the M&P15 Sport II Optics Ready.

M&P15 Sport II – CA Compliant

This is the Smith & Wesson M&P15 CA Compliant rifle.

This version of the M&P Sport II has a number of aspects that make it different than the standard sporting rifle. First off, the M4-style stock is not adjustable. Rather it is fixed in the fully extended position.

Secondly, the guns do not have a threaded barrel. Instead, the barrel has a target crown.

Additionally, the pistol grip has a wing that extends to the rear. The wing exists to prevent a shooter from wrapping his or her thumb over the rear of the grip for better control of the gun.

Lastly, the magazine capacity is restricted to 10-rounds. A single 10-round magazine comes with the gun.

Otherwise, the gun shares the general features and construction of the standard M&P15 Sport II. The gun is chambered for the 5.56 NATO cartridge and has a 16” barrel with a 1:9” twist.

As with most AR-style rifles, this gun is a direct gas impingement rifle with a carbine length gas system. Up front is an A2 tower with an adjustable sight post. Smith & Wesson includes a folding Magpul backup sight (MBUS).

Although local dealers set the actual price, the suggested retail price from Smith & Wesson is $739.

M&P15 Sport II Optics Ready – CA Compliant

This is the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II OR CA Compliant rifle.

The Optics Ready rifle is nearly identical to the regular California Compliant M&P15 Sport II. However, there are three changes: sights, barrel and price.

The name on this rifle tells you up front that you will have to add sights or an optic for accurate shooting. Instead of a front sight tower, this rifle uses a low profile gas block with a short bit of Picatinny rail on top.

On this model, the barrel is threaded, but there is no muzzle device. Instead, Smith & Wesson provides a simple cap to protect the threads.

The final difference is the price. This gun is $20 cheaper with a MSRP of $719.

  • SlipScreen

    This is a joke right? How do you even hold the gun and pull the trigger without dropping it? Just retarded. Politicians regulating guns is like little kids regulating vegetables.