SI Polyflex Slide Back Plate: for your M&P

Strike Industries PolyFlex Slide Back Plate

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to disassemble your Smith & Wesson M&P, it’s very possible you will be interested in the Strike Industries PolyFlex Slide Back Plate (say that five times fast, or just use the acronym SBP).

Strike Industries PolyFlex Slide Back Plate

A new M&P Slide Back Plate from Strike Industries. Up above that – some new accessories coming from Strike Industries.

Strike Industries describes the SBP as an option for the…

“M&P 9/357/40/45 family of full and compact pistols offers a one-piece quick and toolless option to disassemble your slide. For when you want to clean and maintain your firearm or need to perform a field strip in a crunch, this M&P SBP is a simple to use and affordable upgrade. PolyFlex polymer offers an exceptionally resilient material that has a high heat capacity as well as strong tensile strength while maintaining it’s lightweight characteristics.”

That seems fairly handy for such a small and seemingly innocuous thing (which is of course what she said).

Strike Industries PolyFlex Slide Back Plate

The SBP is not compatible with the various Shield and Bodyguard subcompact models, but it will work for the full size and compact models described above.

Why get one? Well, as they put it, because…

-Tool-less design for disassembly of SBP
-Easy to use
-One-piece polymer construction
-Made of durable and lightweight polymer
-Inexpensive upgrade

Product Spec:
-LENGTH 18.80mm
-WIDTH 9.25mm
-HEIGHT 15.35mm
-WEIGHT 0.05 oz
-WEIGHT W/ PKG 0.25 oz

Strike Industries PolyFlex Slide Back Plate

Strike Industries is online with assorted products, links, and offers at; you can follow ’em on Instagram @strikeindustries if you’re interested.


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  • American Patriot

    Why not buy a Good pistol that you don’t need a tool for disassembly….Glock, HK Nuff said!

    • Adam A

      They’re not talking about field stripping, they’re talking about removing the slide plate. This requires tools for both glock and hk…

      • American Patriot

        I really don’t consider it a “tool” to compress a spring that relieves pressure to slide the plate off as any pointed object will work even a key. I just don’t see the value as something to put on a gun…

        • jay

          Plus it has open sections around the button. Dust and dirt can get in. Not ideal.