SilencerCo Announces Harvester Evo Suppressor

SilencerCo keeps rolling out new products. Two months ago they released the Hybrid 46M, a modular big-bore suppressor that boats compatibility with a truly impressive number of cartridges across multiple platforms. Just a couple of weeks ago, they announced the SCO15 Upper Receiver, for those who want a SilencerCo branded AR-15. And just today, they’ve announced the new Harvester EVO.

The folks at SilencerCo say this one picks up where the Harvester 300 left off, saying, “It is the next generation of a dedicated precision and hunting suppressor and the successor to the firearm industry’s most popular and widely recognized hunting suppressor.”

SilencerCo Harvester Evo Suppressor
Using feedback from shooters, SilencerCo designed the Harvester Evo to be shorter, lighter, tubeless, and available at a much more affordable price point.

Made of 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel, Inconel, and Cobalt 7, they’re saying the Evo is capable of withstanding some of the most demanding conditions a hunter or precision shooter could expose it to. It’s rated for commonly used centerfire rifle calibers, including .223 REM, 300BLK, .243 WIN, .260 REM, .308 WIN, 6.5 Creedmoor, etc. up to and including .300 WIN.

SilencerCo Harvester Evo suppressor on a rifle during hunting trek
At only 6.24 inches long with a weight of 10.8 ounces, SilencerCo says the Harvester Evo is easily maneuverable and ideally suited for long treks, where every inch and every ounce matters

The new suppressor ships with both a Bravo 1/2×28 and Bravo 5/8×24 Direct Thread, to ensure that the end user can pair it with his/her favorite precision or hunting rifle right out of the box. Additionally, it is compatible with all SilencerCo Bravo accessories, including the brave ASR Mount, Bravo Direct Thread Mounts and all ASR Muzzle Brakes and Flashhiders.

Pork Sword with Harvester Evo.
The SilencerCo Harvester Evo is intended as a precision rifle and/or hunting rifle suppressor and is Semi-Auto Rated. Here, it’s on a Pork Sword.

As stated in today’s official press release:

SilencerCo is excited to introduce the Harvester EVO, a lightweight suppressor designed for hunters and precision shooters. This product is the successor to SilencerCo’s Harvester 300, enhanced to include a few key features and currently available at SilencerCo Retailers. 

Accommodating calibers ranging from .223 REM to .300 WIN, the Harvester EVO is the ideal suppressor for .30 caliber bolt-guns and rifles. Consumer feedback on the previous Harvester models led SilencerCo engineers to make the EVO shorter, lighter, more affordable and ready to go right out of the box. 

“The most impressive phenomenon of the Harvester EVO is it’s lightweight nature despite being created from rugged, hard-use materials,” said SilencerCo Senior Product Development Specialist, Dewie Vieira. “Weighing just 10.8 ounces, it is constructed of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel, Inconel and cobalt 6 with a tubeless design. This gives the EVO an edge over other hunting suppressors.”

Not only is the Harvester EVO less likely to get caught on bushes and brush in outdoor environments, but it is capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions typically encountered by hunters and precision shooters. 

SilencerCo Harvester Evo suppressor

Harvester EVO Specifications

  • Rated for calibers ranging from .223REM/5.56NATO to .300 WIN
  • Tubeless and extremely lightweight design
  • Weighs 10.8 ounces
  • Measures 6.24” in length
  • Constructed with cobalt-6, Inconel, and 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel materials
  • Compatible with Bravo Mounting Accessories
  • Ships with both a Bravo ½ x 28 and Bravo ⅝ x 24 Direct Thread Mount
  • MSRP of $680

Muzzle Averages

  • .223 REM: 129.6dB
  • .300 BLK: 128.1dB
  • .308 WIN: 133.1 dB
  • .300 WM: 129.6 dB
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