SIG SAUER’s year-round pistol: the P365 Files

They call it the 365 because it is the “…one gun you can carry every day of the year.”

See what they did there?

It was selected by Guns and Ammo Magazine for the 2018 Handgun of the Year, then chosen by Shooting Illustrated as their 2019 Golden Bullseye 2019 Handgun of the Year. Another Awards include:

  • Industry Choice Award for Handgun of the Year;
  • 2018 Ballistic Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for Compact Semi-Automatic Pistols;
  • NASGW-POMA Caliber Award for Best Overall Product

It’s the…

SIG SAUER P365 Micro Compact Pistol

Is it the best EDC pistol we’ve seen to date? Many folks would say so — certainly those who profess loyalty to the SIG tribe. Others will argue the point, especially hardcore members of the M&P Shield Sodality and clansmen belonging to G43’s sept, but no one can dispute the weapon’s popularity. A handgun of those dimensions with a 10, 12, and even 15 round capacity? It’s easy to see the appeal.

Halle Berry and the SIG P365 in John Wick 3
The P365 made its screen debut in John Wick 3 – as you can see in this scene with Halle Berry.

Anyway, The Mag Life has published several articles relating to the SIG P365 over the last year and a half. Read on for those and some we have compiled others from elsewhere.

Here ya go.

P365 Magazine: 15 rounder review

P365 Magazine Review

The magazine comes with two base plates, one to fit the XL model and one to act as a grip filler on the standard SIG P365. I grabbed one as soon as I could because I have what I call a machine gunner’s mentality. I like ammo, and I like having a lot of it. The P365 already offered more than average capacity, but adding another 5 rounds pushed it over the edge. The big thing about the SIG P365 is how small it is. When you add another 5 rounds you are bound to add size to the gun. This is true–the magazine is quite long and does extend the overall height of the weapon.

For this reason, and a few others, I don’t carry the SIG P365 with the 15 round magazine. Instead, I carry the weapon with a standard 10 round magazine and use the 15 round magazine as my backup.

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P365 Long-Term Concealed Carry Review

SIG P365 review by Travis Pike for GunMag Warehouse

The ergonomics of the pistol overall are excellent. The gun is comfortable to hold onto, and the 10 round magazine with slight pinky extension is absolute money. It’s as short as a grip can get and still allow me to hold onto it. Under the trigger guard is an excellent high undercut that helps maximize the grip.

The grip is also thin and comfortable in hand. The magazine release is large and easy to reach which I like. The problem here is dropping the magazine. I find my pinky and palm creating pressure and holding the magazine inside the gun when I hit the release. This is a classic big hand, small gun problem.

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More munitions: P365 Extended Magazines

Maybe SIG's best concealed carry gun yet: the P365

These will be ideal for range time, when you’re really dialed in on the fundamentals of marksmanship, but should also be practical for concealed carry for those with the ability to cover them up. And for those who use a P365 for use in the home, or OWB carry, this should be a logical addition to the package. The addition to the capacity is only one reason; the addition to the size of the grip would make the gun even more ergonomic.

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SIG SAUER P365 Micro: Our first look

First look at the SIG P365

The P365 is a great addition to SIG’s line. By upping the round-count, they’re posing a serious challenge to the GLOCK 43. The gun will ship with two mags. One is a flush fit that holds 10 rounds. The other has a slight protrusion for a bit of extra grip. It will hold 10, also. A third style is available  that holds 12.

This is a good-looking SIG, too. While some shooters don’t like the angular lines on SIG’s 1911s (and their .380 single-sections), the lines on this pistol are exceptionally well executed. The texture on the frame is ample, without being ostentatious. The slide’s lines are clean, too, while still providing a great grip.

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If you’re looking for some more information on SIG SAUER’s popular little pistol, check out some of the info below.

SIG SAUER P365 Review.(s)

Handgun Editor Tamara Keel reviewed it on Shooting Illustrated.

Most noticeable on the SIG Sauer P365 is the detailing on the frontstrap. While the gun doesn’t have finger grooves, as such, there’s a scalloped-out area for the second finger of the shooting hand, paired with an upward recess in the trigger guard. This area is devoid of texturing and seems intended to prevent the malady known in popular slang as “Glock knuckle,” or a raw spot on the knuckle of the strong-hand middle finger. Shooters were obviously consulted in the design of this pistol.

The only real ergonomic downside to the frame is one that is nearly unavoidable in a pistol this small. To wit, if the shooter has grownup-size hands, it’s easy to foul a magazine change in a couple of ways. If you don’t juggle the pistol a little bit in the hand, you can prevent the mag catch from protruding out the far side enough to prevent the magazine from releasing.

Further, if you don’t juggle the gun around in your hand enough when dropping the magazine, the floorplate will foul against the heel of your shooting hand, trapping the empty magazine in the SIG Sauer P365. You’ll need to work out your own hand jive for efficient mag changes. Fortunately, a 10-round magazine capacity may make needing to do them in a hurry for real less of a concern.

Josh Waynor reviewed it as well; his article was published on AmmoLand.

Firing the P356 is a unique experience. The gun is very small in just about every dimension, but it handles like a full-size pistol as far as accuracy and follow-up shots are concerned. I was honestly expecting a harsh and not-so-fun time with it, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The thing points great, shoots like a house on fire, and somehow fits in the palm of your hand. The best part about it is hands-down the onboard capacity. It just feels weird that you don’t run out after six or seven shots with a gun so small.

You might also check out Jeff Cramblit’s article on GunsAmerica Digest; his piece compared the SIG P365 to the G43 and Shield.

>When comparing the sights on the three test guns the P365 is the definite winner. Sig’s XRAY3 Day/ Night sights are really nice. The front sight dot shows up well, day or night, as advertised. The rear sight is also well executed; the outside corners are rounded to prevent snagging and digging into your flesh when carrying concealed. The tritium dots, front, and rear show up well in low light and allow easily getting hits on target.  The dots are much easier to see than the target in the darkness.

The P365 is the only one of the test guns that comes with front and rear cocking serrations, the others just having the rear. Racking the slide on smaller 9mm guns can sometimes be a challenge due to having little to hang on too while having to overcome the short stiff recoil springs.

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Want to talk about it?

SIG P365 on Facebook

SIG P365 discussion group on Facebook
Photo by Josh Becktel of the Facebook group “SIG P365 Discussion Only” – q.v.

We think the SIG P365 is one of the top 5 concealed carry pistols you can get for the money. If you fast forward to 1:31 below you’ll hear Jeremy talk about it.

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