Sig Sauer Next Generation Squad Weapon Selected by US Army

Sig Sauer has been awarded the Next Generation Squad Weapon System (NGSW) Contract by the U.S. Army after a rigorous 27-month testing and evaluation process.

Soldier holding SIG MCX-SPEAR
Sig Sauer was awarded the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) Contract for the US Army, after nearly 27 months of hard testing. The award includes the 6.8×51 FURY Hybrid Ammunition, SIG-LMG, MCX-SPEAR rifle, and the SLX Suppressor.

“The U.S. Army is taking a bold step toward command of the 21st century battlefield and SIG SAUER is immensely proud to be the selected provider for this historic revolution in infantry weapons. The fielding of the SIG SAUER Next Generation Squad Weapons System will forever change the dynamic of military engagement for America’s warfighters with American innovation and manufacturing,” began Ron Cohen, President and CEO SIG SAUER, Inc..

The NGSW includes the SIG FURY Hybrid Ammunition (6.8 Common Cartridge), SIG-LMG (XM250), SIG MCX-SPEAR Rifle (XM5), and SIG SLX Suppressors. These items are said to meaningfully advance soldier weapons technology to meet the emerging requirements of the U.S. Army.

The 6.8×51 FURY Ammunition (the 6.8 Common Cartridge) is a hybrid cartridge that uses a patented metallic case designed to withstand higher pressures than other loads.


The SIG 6.8×51 FURY Hybrid Ammunition uses a patented lightweight metallic case designed to handle pressures higher than conventional ammunition, resulting in dramatically increased velocity and on-target energy in lighter weapons.


The SIG-LMG lightweight belt-fed machine gun and SIG MCX-SPEAR Rifle are purpose-built to harness the energy of the SIG FURY 6.8 Common Cartridge Ammunition, enabling greater range and increased lethality while reducing the soldier’s load on the battlefield.  Both the SIG-LMG and MCX-SPEAR deliver significant weapon and technology advancements to the soldier and provide a solution for battlefield overmatch in comparison to the current M249 and M4/M4A1.

SIG-LMG next generation squad weapon
The SIG-LMG is a lightweight belt-fed machine gun while the SIG MCX-SPEAR is a purpose-built rifle to take the FURY Ammunition. According to Sig, both systems deliver significant weapon and technological advances.


The U.S. Army’s procurement of the NGSW System marks the beginning of an era where combat weapons are coupled with a suppressor as standard issue equipment.  The SIG SLX Suppressors are designed to reduce harmful gas backflow, sound signature, and flash.  SIG SLX Suppressors feature a patented quick detach design for easy installation and removal.

“We commend U.S. Army leadership for having the vision to undertake this historic procurement process to deliver a transformational weapon system to our warfighters.  This award is the culmination of a successful collaboration between SIG SAUER and the U.S. Army, and we look forward to the continuing partnership,” concluded Cohen.

next generation squad weapon with SIG Suppressor SLX
The SIG SLX Suppressor features a quick detach design for quick deployment of the suppressor and is designed to reduce harmful gas backflow and muzzle flash.

Sig Sauer is a company that is driven by innovation and offers the advancements of the NGSW System in the SIG 277 FURY Hybrid Ammunition (the commercial variant of the SIG 6.8×51 FURY Ammunition round), SIG MCX-SPEAR Rifle, and the SIG SLX Series of Suppressors available to the consumer market.


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