SHOT Show 2023: Tyr Tactical Female Shape Body Armor EPIC

Let’s face it, women in Military and Law enforcement roles, and civilians looking to protect themselves are put on the back burner when it comes to specific equipment such as body armor. Female and male bodies are obviously different, so why are women getting issued fitted armor designed for men?

Tyr Tactical said no more. This year at SHOT Show the lead master-mind to this armor and co-owner of Tyr showed me what makes their armor different than others. The main thing? The patented cut for the female body.

epic carrier on mannequin
The butterfly and princess cuts that Tyr Tactical designed lay around the chest, covering any exposed areas that carriers without this cut would have. It also still allows arm movement and allows the user to have the properly fitted vest.

Female Armor —Coverage and Plate Location

Proper Coverage

  • Issue: Protection of vital organs and breast tissue.
  • Solution: Lateral darts on the outer carrier have an inset/cut above the breast tissue to accommodate shoulder rotation and allow for shouldering a weapon.

Carrier Shape

  • Issue: Focus on female anatomy driven by the need for support and stability.
  • Solution: Two lateral darts, on the tactical outer carrier, contour around the natural female shape while still providing a full range of motion, and support and eliminating excess compression on the breast tissue.

Plate Location

  • Issue: Current female systems lack the ability to provide proper plate pockets. The placement of the plate does not lay flat on the torso of female participants. It lays at an angle, applying pressure to the breast tissue area. This ultimately takes away from the ballistic performance of the plate and soft armor.
  • Solution: The front of the female carrier incorporates a gusseted plate pocket. This pocket relieves tension and pressure that is normally placed on the body from the hard plate in typical plate pocket configurations. This enhances the user’s range of motion to allow for increased ergonomics and performance. It also provides decreased hot spots on the body by utilizing Tyr’s airflow chamber technology.
epic carrier being worn by a female
The Female EPIC Assaulters Plate Carrier by Tyr Tactical allows a female to have a properly fitted vest and mobility while wearing a plate carrier. Due a front-facing plate panel and specific cuts around the side of the breast, there will be zero discomfort while wearing the vest and all exposed areas will be covered. Both civilians and Mil/LE can purchase.

Tested and Trued Female Armor

This female armor has been worked on since 2013 and has been tested by women athletes and women in Mil/LE roles. Not only has it been proven to finally give women the relief that they need on their bodies due to the proper cuts and fit, but also gives them the confidence that they look professional and can do their job well uninhibited by an improperly fitting vest.

These vests have not only been tested but have been picked up by Sweden, Denmark, and a few large organizations within our United States.

Purchasing Tyr Tactical Female Epic Assaulter’s Plate Carrier

This plate carrier will come in a few different configurations and options such as cutaway and non-cutaway. Prices range from around $1500-1800 dependent on type. To see your options and prices visit and search “female.”

Anne Smith is a Veteran of the full time MNARNG force as a Small Arms Repairer and worked to bolster their marksmanship team. Mainly a technical writer and gunsmith within the Federal world she comes with many armorer classes under her belt such as KAC, Glock, every FN weapon in the book, and Small Arms Weapons Expert (SAWE). So, sorry to bore you with the knowledge that actually make firearms shoot. Currently heavily into the long range world she competes in National Rifle League Hunter and various Gas Gun Precision Series.

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